silicone rubber gasket
silicone rubber gasket

OEM shape and size Silicone Gaskets:

Silicone  Gaskets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and have many different applications. These gaskets are widely used in all types of industry  including, the engineering industry, the aircraft industry, the building industry and the catering industry, to name just a few. They are very commonly employed between two or more surfaces, where leaks of fluid or air need to be contained. The surfaces are brought together and the silicone rubber gasket is compressed which produces an excellent seal. In the case of silicone O rings where some motion may be required, lubrication is very often achieved by the fluid being sealed.

Because of the properties of the silicone these gaskets can take on many forms such as;

o Mitre cut letter box shape
o Horse shoe shape
o O ring shape

Silicone has very versatile properties due to its ability to resist extreme temperatures, and moisture repelling qualities. It is commonly used in adhesives, sealants, medical applications, cookware, insulation and lubricants. Silicones are polymers which are made from chemical elements and include oxygen, hydrogen and silicon.

Silicone has several useful properties and some of these can include;

o Low toxicity
o Thermal Stability
o Water Repelling
o Good resistance to sunlight and oxygen etc.
o Non-stick
o Good electrical insulation

silicone caps
silicone caps

Silicone Caps for power coating

Specifically designed for powder coating and E-coating applications, these silicone caps will resist temperatures up to 500°F( 280°C).
Silicone caps  Features

  • Bear  multiple passes through most coating processes
  • No risk of contamination to paint line
  • Custom sizes available with minimal tooling investment
  • Stretch to provide an air tight seal
silicone flange caps
silicone flange caps


Silicone Flange Plugs

Silicone Flange cap is an alternative to Round Silicone Caps when masking off threaded studs or protrusions. These caps are molded with an air vent, which acts as a relief valve for applications where internal pressure is a problem. They also feature an oversized head and a unique internal gripping design, which makes application and removal easy. Will withstand -50~280 centigrade.

For detail size,plz be free to contact us.Your provide designs are highly appreciated.

Electrical Connector Silicone Plugs
Electrical Connector Silicone Plugs

Electrical Connector Silicone Plugs

These silicone plugs are designed to protect female-threaded electrical connectors from moisture, dirt and dust. Flanged style offers easy removal for a variety of applications.

Material: full silicone rubber
Color:any color available upon request.



silicone seal plugs
silicone seal plugs

Silicone Seal Plugs

Silicone seal plugs are sized to fit standard copper/stainless steel tube dimensions. They provide a means to protect and seal tubing used in various applications including HVAC components and tubing for medical use. The press fit and self-sealing material allow for the injection of gas to keep the tube clean and dry during shipment and storage.

Product Features

  • Tapered end for easy insertion
  • Self-Sealing
  • Non-Staining


  • Copper/stainless steel Tubing (ACR, Oxy, L, K, M, DWV, Medical)
  • Compressors
silicone washer plug
silicone washer plug

Silicone Washer plug

Silicone washer is designed for those applications which require a hole to be plugged and the surrounding surface area to be masked. Typical applications include the masking of the grounding area around a threaded port.
Opposite side of the washer plug can be used as a tab for easy removal. This combines with its reusability to make it an attractive alternative to discs.

  • Resist temperatures up to 280°C
  • Specifically designed for powder coating and E-coating applications
  • Withstand multiple passes through most coating processes
  • Will not contaminate paint line
  • Custom sizes available with minimal tooling investment



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